5LINX® is very excited to announce MontaVida™ coffee as part of the 5LINX Opportunity! Because this is unlike anything that 5LINX has ever done before, we know that many of you may have questions about what this means for you and your 5LINX business.

  1. Why coffee? 5LINX has never offered this type of product before, why the direction change?

At 5LINX, as a management team we are always looking to identify trends that we can capitalize on for the benefit of our Representatives and the Company. The focus on Health and Wellness is a very significant trend. And, given that our focus is essential services, there is nothing more essential than good health and wellbeing. So it is a very good fit all around. With coffee being the second largest commodity in the world, it is a product that nearly everyone in the world uses and really opens many doors towards international expansion in the very near future.

  1. As a 5LINX Representative, how should I sell MontaVida? How does this change who and how I recruit? Will there be coffee/wellness specific training available?

Nothing changes with the 5LINX system, because it has proven effective. Everyone knows people who drink coffee and are focused on health. The market for coffee is huge; $30 billion in the US alone. So you should continue to follow the process. Just talk to the people you know, first about MontaVida, and then the other products in the nutritional line as they are introduced. You should provide samples, and let the products take it from there. We understand the significance of this product and that there could be some hesitancy, so we will have training both today and on an ongoing basis so that MontaVida can help get us to our goal of $1 billion.

  1. What’s next? Where do we go from here? What’s the timing for additional products?

MontaVida is to be the first product available in our nutritional line. We are extremely excited about the other products that we will be rolling out in the coming months: Our energy supplement, and the components of our health and wellness challenge. We know new products like these can make some representatives nervous. As these products become available, I feel confident that we will continue to put you first and make sure everyone is trained on how to sell this line of products—and make money from them.

  1. What does this mean for me?

Our health and wellness products are first and foremost focused on helping you improve or maintain your own health and well being. Additionally, through doing so and telling your story to others, you will be able to maximize the power of the 5LINX Opportunity to change their lives. Virtually anyone you know and meet is a potential customer now, because everyone values good health, and the easy conversation starter that it becomes.

  1. How do I market coffee along with the other 5LINX products and services?

In addition to its healthy ingredients, MontaVida is great tasting, as well. So, the best way to market it is to let potential customers taste it. In our experience, they will be hooked! We’re holding additional trainings about integrating MontaVida into your 5LINX Opportunity Presentations this weekend.

  1. How much does it cost? Do I get points? Is it available with LINX2Funds?

Our coffee costs as little as $29.95 for a 30-day supply, which is about $.53 per serving. We are still in the process of evaluating the impact and possibility of offering MontaVida as part of the LINX2Funds program. All of our purchase options offer points. Please refer to your VO for complete cost and compensation details.

  1. Can I sell coffee in bulk to a restaurant or coffee shop? Can they get a discount?

You must be an ED or above to purchase MontaVida in bulk. Details on bulk purchases are provided in the Virtual Office.

  1. Do I need to maintain an inventory or will it be shipped to my customers?

No. As with other 5LINX products, we are not asking you to house any inventory. MontaVida and all of our nutritional products will be shipped directly to the customer.

  1. Where is the coffee from? Do they use Fair Labor Practices?

5LINX is committed to offering our representatives and customers the greatest possible coffee experience. Our coffee beans are grown in Central America. And, in keeping with our mission to improve lives the world over, MontaVida is a fair trade coffee.

  1. What are the health benefits of MontaVida?

MontaVida coffee is infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully into weight-loss programs. Ramon Seeds—containing essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants—are added to the beans before grinding*.

  1. Where can I purchase Montavida?

You can purchase Montavida through your Personal Website.

*Please refer to for more information on MCT Oil and Ramon Seeds