5LINX TV: Your Archive of Success

Looking for the latest opportunity video to show at your next Business Opportunity Meeting? Looking for the commercial for your favorite product? Look no further than 5LINX TV! Recently revamped and re-organized, 5LINX TV is your one stop shop for all of your 5LINX video needs. Did you know that the 5LINX Webinar Library and 5LINX University website have now been […]

Sam Zietz Named 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Each year, Florida recognizes their top business leaders. This past year, Sam Zietz was named one of the 2015 EY Entrepreneurs of the Year. EY, formerly Ernst & Young, started the awards program in 1986 and has since had more than 6,500 entrepreneurs join the Entrepreneur of the Year alumni. According to EY, “this award […]

Takeaways from Sam Zietz’ TEDx Talk

5LINX Chairman, Sam Zietz spoke at a TEDx Event recently – it looks like we aren’t the only ones who think he’s a wealth of knowledge! His level of expertise and success in the entrepreneur field is second-to-none. Have you seen his TEDx talk yet?   So, as a 5LINX Representative what can you take […]

TextAlertz: Tips to Build Your Business

Did you know that 97% of people will open a text and read it IMMEDIATELY after receiving it? That’s why mobile marketing services like TextAlertz are the best way to reach your customers. However, there are certain things to take into consideration before sending out a message. Here are some of the most important things […]

Sam Zietz Featured in Inc. Magazine

How to Make an Offer No One Can Refuse Think your employees are 100% focused? TouchSuite gets everyone on board with its mission–and recalibrates daily.   BY LEIGH BUCHANAN Editor-at-large, Inc. magazine.  Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series that looks at the top 10 traits exemplified by Inc. 500 entrepreneurs.  Gallup says entrepreneurs with business […]

Persistence Pays Off: J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is one of the most widely read and watched franchises to date. In fact, the Harry Potter series author, J.K. Rowling became the first female billionaire author because of it. Rowling debuted as an author with Harry Potter, so it would seem that she couldn’t have had a ton of failures, right? Recently, J.K. Rowling […]

Top 10 Health Food Misconceptions!

Eating healthy has never been so confusing! With all of these health buzz words like low-fat, fat free, all natural, organic and gluten free – how do you know what’s actually good for you? Eye-catching and convincing advertising makes it difficult for customers to choose wisely. If you clicked on this blog, chances are you’re trying to […]

Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain!

Did you know that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain? That’s right! It’s true! Sleep Export Dr. Michael Breus, PhD explains that recent research strongly indicates that sleep depravation has a direct correlation to weight gain. How is this possible? Well, two simple reasons: Hormones: When you are sleep deprived, your cortisol level rises (stress […]