5LINX Gives Back To The Shine Family Foundation

Since 2001, 5LINX has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes that reflect our commitment to community. Our Representatives have shared in this vision, and with their ongoing support 5LINX has been able to impact thousands of lives.

This year, at the 5LINX International Training Event in Las Vegas, we are proud to support the Shine Family Foundation. This foundation assists deployed Military Personnel and returning Veterans. They offer services such as the Mentoring Program, which provide job training to soldiers returning from duty and re-entering the workforce. The foundation also extends on-going services to help ease the stress of separation that the families of these brave men and women face.

We ask you-our 5LINX family-to join efforts with us this September and raise money for the Shine Family Foundation. We will be collecting donations at our International Training Event from September 24-27. Together, we can be sure that the sacrifices of our US Military and their families don’t go unrecognized.

For more information visit www.ShineFamilyFoundation.org

The One Bill I Can’t Stand!

Friday August 15, 2014 I had to pay the one bill that I dread more than anything each month- my Internet bill! Out of all my services it’s the one bill that I wish I never had to see. I’m a mother of four, ages 15, 9, 5, and 14-months and as you know the internet has become a necessity in my household. Between my husband’s smart-TV, Gio’s PlayStation 4, Khi’s Xbox 360, the iPad, the iPhone, the Note3 (the list goes on), we “need” internet service apparently just like we need lights. I must admit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 are wonderful distractions when I need the kids to leave Mom alone for an hour or two. In order to do that, I need my “Mom” time every now and again, finding the latest and greatest makeup trends online. So, to keep me sane I have to pay it!

I guess in a perfect world I would have Internet, cable and phone service at an affordable price that allows my family to enjoy all of their electronics with ample speed; but as of today I have not found that! Like so many other parents, I’m looking for an affordable solution. If you are too, come find out more about the options you have with Internet, Fiber Video, and Cable TV through 5LINX. See you on our 5LINX AT&T U-Verse Internet & Video Training this Tuesday, August 19 at 9pm EST.
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How To Make Your Own Ice Cream

It’s summer time, and who doesn’t love to enjoy a delicious bowl of ice cream on a warm sunny day? Whip together this recipe and create your own, healthy ice cream without all the calories and sugars!


2 avocados
3 limes
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
3/4 cup reduced-fat milk


1. Pit and peel the avocados. Place them in a blender

2. Add milk to blender

3. Zest 2 of the limes into the blender.

4. Juice all 3 of the limes.

5. Blend

6. Spread the blend into a pan, then freeze for 4 hours

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

Product of the Week: New Health Insurance Offering Coming to 5LINX enhancedcareMD

Learn All About the New & Improved 5LINX Pay Cards!

The mantra here at the 5LINX corporate office has always been “Representatives come first”. For well over a decade now, that “golden rule” has guided our decisions, and driven our success as a company.

In 2014, however, we have decided to double down on this commitment.

You see, with explosive growth comes growing pains. So we have made—and are making—several significant investments in YOU the representative. You may have noticed some of these exciting changes; everything from the 5 Star-rated my5LINX App to increased CVs to the extremely popular new Qualifying Bundles.

The newest exciting enhancement to your 5LINX business is the introduction of a powerfully improved 5LINX Pay Card.

We have partnered with First Data to establish a new pay card program that is truly second to none. Through their exclusive Money Network® service, you will now be able to access your earned funds two different ways:

  1. Via FREE Money Network checks that you may self-issue, or cash with NO fees.
  2. Your 5LINX Money Network pay card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted

Additionally, this program offers some significant new benefits that make accessing your funds easier:

  • Unlimited free checks to write against your account
  • Free funds transfer to your personal bank account
  • FREE ATM withdrawals at thousands of locations
  • Account alerts via email or text
  • 24-hour customer service and online access to your account

You will also now have the ability to reload your card with cash at any MoneyGram, Western Union and other participating locations, as well as via direct deposit or electronic transfer!

But the benefits of this new pay card are only half the story. We have also decided to start sending NEW 5LINX reps their 5LINX Pay Card as soon as they sign up! This means they will be in possession of their personalized Visa card before they actually earn commissions. No more waiting!

Imagine what this will mean to your new business partners. Not only will they have faster access to their earnings, they will have a card in their hand within their first week that shows them 5LINX is serious about their success.

As exciting as this announcement is, I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning. You are going to continue to see some amazing improvements in 5LINX and the 5LINX opportunity. Representatives come first, and when it comes to helping you build a better business, we are just getting started!


Note: New 5LINX Pay Cards have been issued to select 5LINX Representatives and will begin arriving shortly via mail. Your existing 5LINX Pay Card may still be used to access existing funds in your account. The first commission run posted to the NEW pay card accounts is expected to be on August 29.


Piña Colada Summer Protein Shake

Check out this delicious recipe to create the perfect summer protein shake. It tastes like summer in a glass! Ingredients:

12 oz. Waterpina bottom

4 Ice cubes

1 packet Hi5 Lean Shake

1/3 cup Pineapple chunks

2 tsp Coconut extract

Sit back, relax and enjoy your a quick break from life, with this deliciously refreshing, nutritious protein shake!

5 Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating

Do you ever find yourself picking at the left overs on your plate, even though you feel full? Research shows that you aren’t alone – most Americans do the same thing! It’s called Mindless eating, and it can be easily combatted with a few small changes in your behavior. We’ve gathered some tips to help you pay attention, put your fork down and stop eating when you are truly full.

1.  Put down your fork in between bites.  This simple change in behavior will help you eat slower, and get full faster!  There’s no rush – your food isn’t going anywhere, so take your time!

2.  Cut your portions in half. Our minds are conditioned to finish everything on our plate. This means that whether you have a pound of pasta or two ounces of chicken, your mind will encourage you to eat all of it. Think of how many calories you can save if you started with smaller portions.

3.  Turn your fork upside down. This European trend forces you to pierce your food, rather than “scooping” your food, the traditional American way. You will end up with less on your fork at once, and research has shown that you will eat less when using this method.

4.  Turn the TV off. Did you know that we tend to eat 14% more when we are multitasking during a meal? Turning the TV off is a quick way to ensure that you are only focused on eating and enjoying your food.

5.  Make a fist while you eat. It’s been proven that our physical actions can influence our minds. Our brains connect the action of making a fist to the word “NO”. By simply making a fist with one hand in the beginning, during and at end of your meal, you will remind yourself to stop and pay attention to your food and your true hunger state.


Source: Woman’sHealthMagazine

Craving Junk Food? H.A.L.T!

Cravings are one of the toughest battles we face while trying to live a better life.  No matter how hard we try, it seems that there is a vision of ice cream following us around! Research has shown that when you feel like you “need” sugar, you actually don’t.  A recent study at an accredited University shows that when you feel that craving, usually one of four things are happening inside of your body. Check out our helpful chart to help you figure out what you really need, based on what you’re feeling. Halt Chart

When Opposites Attract: The Unstoppable Force

Do opposites really attract? Some may believe that working with a business partner who has different ideas and beliefs than your own will only create controversy and will slow down progress. However, we learn otherwise from nature: some of the most powerful natural phenomenons are created by opposite things attracting.

A tornado, capable of producing winds up to 300mph, altering landscapes, and moving anything that gets in the way, is one of these phenomenons created when opposites attract. Scientifically speaking, a tornado has the best chance to form when a warm air mass collides with a cold air front. When the two air masses come together, the warm air mass lifts into the sky, creating a powerful storm cloud, while the cold mass stays at ground level to create a rotating thundercloud, or supercell. When these conditions are met, the air surrounding this storm becomes very unstable. These two opposite air masses set the stage to create a powerful tornado. A tornado is actually more powerful when the two air masses are extreme opposites. The further apart the temperatures differentiate, the stronger the storm will become. Essentially, the more opposite these fronts are, the more unstoppable the storm.

Say you encounter a potential business partner who has different ideas, different strategies and different strengths than you. Many people would tend to avoid signing this person on as one of their team members – but what if you didn’t? What if you didn’t shy away from differences, and instead looked at the possibility of creating your own tornado.

Once you determine where your strengths are and where their strengths are, try to imagine working together with them as a team. Your strengths could fill in a place where they are lacking, just as their strengths could do the same for yours. When you work together, and let the power of opposites run its course, your partnership and your business will be unstoppable.

In the words of 5LINX Co-Founder Jeb Tyler, “5LINX is an unstoppable force. If you get in our way, we will RUN YOU OVER.” Become the unstoppable force by tapping into the power of opposites and watch your business take off.


PLEASE READ: Tornadoes are destructive forces that take the lives of many innocent people each year. We used the example of tornadoes in this post ONLY to show the positive benefits of when opposite-minded people attract. 5LINX strongly believes in aiding those who have been affected by a natural disaster, and we continually encourage all of our team members to consider donating to the Red Cross. Thank you.

The Perfect Summer Drink

Is regular water getting boring? Here is a quick recipe that will help spice up your boring glass of water into a nutritious and refreshing drink! Oh, did I mention the follow ingredients will also help you achieve that perfect summer glow? Who doesn’t love flawless skin, drink up!

Ginger + Mint + Green Tea Lemonade 

Serves 4

4 cups water, divided 4 bags green tea 1/2 cup chopped fresh mint leaves, tightly packed 1/3 cup chopped fresh ginger 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Add tea bags, mint, and ginger, and let steep for 30 minutes. Strain into a large pitcher, pressing on solids to extract remaining liquid. Add lemon juice and remaining water. Refrigerate until chilled. Garnish with lemon slices, if desired, and serve over ice.

Source: WomensHealthMag.com