Get in Shape in 30 Days!

Shorts & bathing suit season is here and it’s not too late to get in shape! Use these 6 tips to help you get ready for those beach days: Calories: Be cautious of your calorie intake. The number one rule in losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Use a food journal to […]

Hi5 Lean Protein Shakes!

With a busy lifestyle it’s not always easy for people to make the right food choices to lose weight and live a health inspired life. Who has the time to count calories or weigh out their meals? It’s too easy to skip meals or choose fattening fast food for the sake of convenience. Hi5 Lean […]

Closing Techniques that Work!

Here at 5LINX, we have some of the best products in the industry –  but you still may encounter people who take quite a bit of convincing before they are sold on something. That’s why knowing how to close the deal is such a vital part of direct sales. Here are some different techniques you can […]

Introducing 5LINX Capital

5LINX has recently introduced it’s newest product, 5LINX Capital – a fully automated, online marketplace that gives multiple financing options and real-time pre-approvals to applicants. 5LINX Captial prides itself on being able to help business owners get actual results for multiple product types. 5LINX Capital was designed to help every step of the way. From […]