8 Steps on Becoming a Recruiting Pro!

Are you really fired up about your new 5LINX venture and want to share it with everyone you know, but are you worried about being annoying or too pushy? Here are 8 tips that will make you a pro! Get to the Point (venture, idea or project): People don’t want to be misguided, so it’s […]

Exciting Energy Announcement!

This month, we are making some exciting changes to the 5LINX residential and small commercial energy program! We have made the strategic decision to consolidate our energy vendors to two partners; US Gas & Electric and XOOM Energy. Consolidating our energy vendors to USGE and XOOM Energy will strengthen the 5LINX energy program and make […]

Exciting Updates to the Virtual Office

Your 5LINX Virtual Office has been updated! We’ve cleaned things up a bit to remove duplicate and unnecessary content, and more importantly, to simplify navigation. These changes are sure to make your VO a more efficient tool for operating your 5LINX business.  Your Products and Services related documents have been separated from the 5LINX business […]

Top 10 Home Burglary Stats!

Did you know that about 40% of burglaries don’t involve forcible entry! Just by properly securing your home, you can reduce your chances of unlawful intrusion. 5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America Inc.is here to help keep you, your family and your home safe! Protect America offers video, alarms and smoke detectors to ensure your home […]

The New 5LINX Pay Cards Are Here!

Most of you will start to receive your new 5LINX Pay Cards this week, and we wanted to tell you all about them! Your new Pay Card will be a MasterCard, and will therefore be accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCards. What’s even better? All Representatives with the Platinum Discount Network are automatically enrolled in an awesome […]

Your 2016 5LINX Holiday Gift Guide!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? 5LINX has everything you need from stylish apparel to gourmet coffee and so much more. Check off everyone on your list with our top recommended holiday gifts this year! MontaVida Coffee Have any coffee lovers on your list? MontaVida coffee is the perfect gift! This premium coffee is not […]

Everything You Need to Know About the new 5LINX Pay Cards

In case you haven’t heard yet, we are in the process of issuing new 5LINX Pay Cards, and we wanted to tell you about the added bonuses that your new card holds! Your new Pay Card will be a MasterCard, and will therefore be accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCards. What’s even better? These new cards will […]

How to Motivate Your Downline

So, you might be asking yourself, “How do I motivate my downline?” This is a very common question that comes up a lot during the Direct Sales industry’s ‘down-time’, usually between November and January. Let’s take a step back on what this question truly means. If you’re asking “how do I motivate my downline?” you’re really looking […]

How to Grow Your Network With No Business Experience

We all know the importance of networking, but not many people know exactly how to build a network. Armstrong Williams said it best, “Networking is an essential part of building wealth”.  If you feel that you don’t have what it takes to network, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you that you HAVE what it takes. The […]

5 Ways to Get People to Follow Up!

Frustrated. Annoyed. Irritated. Ignored. These are the feelings you have felt the last time you tried reaching out to a potential business partner or customer and never received a response. It’s extremely frustrating when a request goes unanswered. So, how do you follow up without being too annoying? Now, keep in mind, that there could be a valid […]