Systems Administrator

Location: Rochester, New York Division/Department: 5LINX / IS Reports to: Manager, IS Type of Position: Full-time/Exempt The Systems Administrator is responsible for monitoring and working HelpDesk tickets, setting up and maintaining servers, networks and websites. This position is also responsible for being on call during non-office hours to troubleshoot and fix issues. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Manage […]

Project Manager

Location: Rochester, New York Division/Department: 5LINX / Infrastructure Reports to: Sr. Director of IT Type of Position: Full-time/Exempt Plans, directs, and coordinates activities for interdepartmental and cross company projects to ensure that project goals are accomplished within the prescribed time frame. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Manage resources and resource statistics Manage estimated time vs actual times Gather […]

More Extreme Weather Approaching

Extreme Weather Will Affect Your Energy Bill Last winter was one of the harshest in history. The Polar Vortex was responsible for bringing extended periods of bitterly cold temperatures to the Midwest, South and East. Some consumers who were on variable priced plans experienced utility bills that were up to four times higher than usual in affected […]

Avoiding Holiday Temptations

  With the holidays coming soon, temptations will be everywhere! We have come up with a list of suggestions to help you stay motivated and not feel deprived during this season. Avoid the trimmings. Go easy on cheese, cream sauces, gravy and butter. Trim calories whenever you can so you leave the party feeling full, […]

Get the Edge!

NIAGEN is the first patented, commercially-available NR (Nicotinamide Riboside). NIAGEN is a next-generation B vitamin that is incorporated into Hi5 Edge, a smooth dissolving dietary supplement. NIAGEN, called a “miracle molecule,” is a metabolic booster that shows the promise to offer many health benefits including enhanced energy levels, endurance, performance, weight management, cardiovascular health, anti-aging, […]

New Compensation Plan Requirements And What It Means

Why the NEW Customer Requirements for Earned Positions are a Good Thing for your Bank Account… The real beauty of the 5LINX compensation plan is the concept of “Residual Income”. The ability to earn commissions month-after-month on customers you and your team signed up long ago is what allows you to achieve true personal freedom. […]

Conquer Your Sugar Cravings with Hi5 Flavor Surge!

With Halloween coming up, it’s time to think about your sugar intake. Having no treats isn’t fun, but either is dealing with the guilt of eating all that candy! Just add the chocolate flavored Hi5 Flavor Surge to your Hi5 Lean shake and not only will you satisfy your chocolate cravings, but you’ll also be […]

Confessions of a Double Platinum: Chereace Richards

  Freedom is not just about the money, it’s about what money can do for you. The reason I work so hard is so I can have moments like these with my children. Financial freedom allows me to create memories like these with my son, and that’s something a job could never do. My goal is to […]

Telesales Team Leader

Location: Rochester, New York Division/Department: 5LINX / Customer Care Department Reports to: Customer Care and Quality Assurance Trainer Type of Position: Full-time/Non-Exempt The Telesales Team Leader is responsible for building, coaching and leading a winning sales organization in order to achieve specific revenue targets through direct to consumer sales. Responsible for overseeing the Telesales Agents […]