5LINX Gives Back

” The Young Entrepreneur Acadamy strives to develop and deliver experience-based entrepreneurship programs to young people.”

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) is a groundbreaking and exciting year-long class that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Throughout the class, students develop business ideas, write business plans, conduct market research, pitch their plans to a panel of investors, and actually launch and run their own real, legal, fully formed companies and social movements. Complete with dynamic guest speakers from the local business community and exciting behind-the-scenes trips to local companies, the fun, project-based YEA! approach empowers students to take charge of their futures in a profound way.

Founded in 2004 at the University of Rochester with support from the Kauffman Foundation, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy today serves thousands of students across America. In 2011, the United States Chamber of Commerce® Foundation became a national sponsor and partner of the Academy to help celebrate the spirit of enterprise among today’s youth and tomorrow’s future leaders.

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is not only a wonderful tool to teach students about business, but also a great way to build confident leaders with values. An excellent instrument to unify the business and educational communities, YEA! continues to expand across the country to fulfill our mission of teaching more students how to make a job, not just take a job. Because of the similar values & principles, 5LINX has decided to make YEA! the recipient of their charity donation at the International Event in St. Louis, Missouri.

Since 2001, 5LINX Enterprises has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes that reflect our commitment to the community. Our Representatives have shared in this vision, and with their ongoing support 5LINX has been able to impact thousands of lives. This year, at the 5LINX International Training Event in St. Louis, 5LINX is proud to support the Young Entrepreneur Acadamy in hopes to help provide extra financial assistance to their academic programs.
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  • Jordan Nicholas Pizarro

    Nice recommendation, however, is this only for newly grads? How about those who want to join and learn that are about 20 years old to 40 years old?