In recent years Apple products and their retailers have had a good business selling the ultra-popular and user-friendly devices.

The average household in the United States has at least 1-2 Apple products in use. Apple has proved its products to be a huge business for retailers that service and support its macs, phones, watches and other devices.

For nearly twenty years, one dedicated merchant has built a business around servicing Apple products and its users. The business supports warranty and non-warranty devices, sells certified pre-owned Apple devices, and helps get small businesses the Apple equipment needed in order to advance their workplace, including individual and group training courses.

Recently, the idea to add a wholesale business to its retail operations came to mind. The merchant reached out to Bizfi and after providing strong daily bank statements, and its successful business history, the business was provided with $300,000 in funding! With this funding, the retailer plans to build out wholesale, attract new customers as well as work on building relationships for contract orders.

Content by From BizfiPublished June 30, 2016