Planning your trip to the 5LINX International Event does not need to be hard. Use our helpful tips below to help save you time and money!

1.  Review the items you will need to register at the International Event.
The last thing you want to happen when you get to the event is scramble to find your ID or find that you forgot it altogether. Make sure you’re ready with everything when you come up to the registration table! To make things move quicker, take a screenshot of your QR code on your phone. 

To get to your QR code in the VO, you need to go to either:

  1. Click the “Ticket Manager” link on the left of the home page of the VO, or,
  2. Use the “Events” tab in the grey bar in the VO, then choose “Ticket Manager” from the drop down.

Registration at the event begins at 3 PM on Wednesday, September 21.

2. Don’t waste time site hopping looking for cheap hotel and airfare rates.
Take advantage of exclusive deals and save up to 80% off travel packages with your FIVE STAR PASS. Use the money you save on travel to build your business at the event!

3. Track your trip expenses from the beginning.
This report should contain your registration fees, plane ticket, hotel reservation, ground transportation, meals, and product purchases at the event. By keeping track of everything, you can better strategize your business and build it in no time!

4. Set calendar reminders on your phone
Make sure to put in the date, time, and location of the Opportunity meeting, Diamond White Party, and the Worship Service before you get to the event. This will help you stay organized and go to all the trainings and meetings you want. Networking events are an important learning tool for your business! 

5. Print out the Opportunity Meeting Invites before an International Event.
There’s no better opportunity to tell people about 5LINX than at a 5LINX International Event. You’re in a new town with new people. Use everything you’ve learned from the different trainings to hit the town and pique potential business partners. Use what you learn on Training day to pique the 5LINX Opportunity! 

Our 5LINX International events are an exciting time for you and your business. As 5LINX Co-Founder Jason Guck says, “You’re not in 5LINX until you attend an International Event.” If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. See you in Las Vegas!