Introducing the 5LINX Million Dollar EARNERS Club!

What would you do if you had a million dollars? You could ask any of the twenty members of the 5LINX Million Dollar EARNERS Club what they are doing. At the International Training Event in New Orleans 5LINX introduced a new reward program for all of the representatives who have earned one million dollars or more since they joined 5LINX.

5LINX-watchesAs a HUGE thank you for their hard work, dedication and leadership in building 5LINX into the company that it is today, 5LINX presented 20 exclusive diamond-encrusted 5LINX watches to industry leaders and 5LINX icons. The women received ROLEXs while the men received Breitlings.

Check out this video to take a look at these one of kind watches.

After the watches were all distributed, 5LINX made history all over again when we paid out over $1.5 million in bonuses to all of the Platinum and Double Platinum Senior Vice Presidents as part of the annual 5LINX Platinum Pool Payout.

The Platinum Pool is a reflection of the earnings made from the growth of the representative base and sales of most of the products and services in the 5LINX portfolio.

On its way to a billion dollars 5LINX will be awarding many more luxury watches. When will you get yours?

Justin Arcara

Website Designer, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer