Dwayne Johnson


Double Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

DPSVP Dwayne JohnsonGrowing up in Freeport, Grand Bahamas, where he watched his mother build a traditional business from scratch into a successful company, Dwayne Johnson learned early on that he didn’t want to be owned by a business. “I went off to study engineering at Devry University, and after I got back into the workplace I quickly realized that a J-O-B wasn’t made for me either.”

His story took another turn when his sister recommended a place for him to get his hair trimmed — a local barber shop in Kansas City, Missouri. The first thing out of the barber’s mouth was, “Would you be interested in making some extra money?” It was the first time he had seen the industry, and to Dwayne it was a “no-brainer.”

He met with the owners of 5LINX and made the decision to partner up with the fast-growing company on January 12, 2007. “I entered the industry of network marketing at the tender age of 19, ” he says. Dwayne achieved the position of National Director in just 35 days and became an SVP in 131 days! He was the first 5LINX Senior Vice President from the state of Florida.

The support of his family has been very important to Dwayne. He is married to Marlo and has three daughters: Sharon, Ashley and Makaila. Another important person in his journey has been his brother Alonzo.

“I have always believed that hard work pays off, but this has been a dream come true. If you want to know how I did it, I live by two important principles. First, you must choose either money or excuses because you can’t make them both at the same time. Second, scattered rays of light can fill a room, but a focused light can cut through steel.”