Phil Gerdes


Platinum Senior Vice President

PSVP Phil GerdesPhil Gerdes, a resident of Maryland, has been with 5LINX since 2007.

His friend Lavar Arrington calls him a crazy competitor who always wants to win. Phil has channeled that competitiveness into his 5LINX business and uses it to lead his team by example.

His inspiration to succeed is to never have to return his wife and children to “the hard life.”

Phil feels that the greatest obstacle he has had to overcome was suffering from an illness that lasted several months and nearly claimed his life. Through it all, he remained dedicated and never missed a BOM, conference call, or International Training Event.

His mentor is Double Platinum SVP Tishina Pettiford, and his words of encouragement are, “Understand your greatness. If you truly understand your greatness, the little things will no longer slow you down.”