Sunny and King Babila-Pinyin


Double Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

DPSVP Sunny and King PinyinAs an Information Systems Audit Manager, Sunny Pinyin hated his early morning commute to work. Thanks to his 5LINX® business, “I now have the shortest commute — from my bedroom to my home office,” he exclaims. “I am no longer a slave to the alarm clock.” That’s just one of the several ways the 5LINX® opportunity has changed his and King’s life.

Prior to 5LINX® Emeldine King Njoya-Pinyin was a Database Administrator for an established mortgage bank. She had been looking for a way out of corporate America and into owning her own business. “When I came across this opportunity, all I did was run with it the best way I knew how. I took all the chances in the world and it paid off big time! I am now doing what I love to do and I know the sky is my limit.”

“It’s so amazing because as an Information Systems professional, I had dealt with VoIP in the past, but I never had the opportunity of being in the position to market it. That’s why during the presentation that changed our lives on August 28, 2005, I knew for sure that this was going to be it for me and my family,” states Sunny.

Growing up, Sunny and King dreamt of doing great things for their families and the world, but they could not figure out how to accomplish these goals. “With this opportunity, we see ourselves going overboard,” states King. “Our greatest accomplishment has been the ability to grow and develop into the true persons we are today.” “I am a proud father, husband, mentor, helper and facilitator that I have always wanted to be, thanks to 5LINX® and the great people I have come to know through the business,” adds Sunny.

“We pray to the Almighty every day to provide us with the strength, energy and the vision to impact everyone we come across in a positive way. We sincerely hope that people will stop being their own obstacles and embrace life’s challenges. No condition is permanent as we say back home. But it is up to you to bring about the changes that you so desire.

We believe that everybody can! For those already in the business, keep your focus. Never quit because “winners don’t quit and quitters don‘t win.” Be consistent and persistent and success will sure knock on your door one day.“

Sunny and King are grateful to the founders of 5LINX® for putting together such a magnificent array of products and services that ordinary people can market. “We want to thank them for their continued effort in making 5LINX® an incredible opportunity for that individual who desires success.”

They also have gratitude and appreciation for their wonderfully, supportive, encouraging and determined business partners! “You make us proud. We await your stories at the next national convention.”