Last night I went to Wegmans to pick up a few Gluten Free products.  It cost me $400.  It’s very expensive to be able to eat a certain way.  I have a son who needs only Gluten Free products.  He also needed new glasses today that cost me $600.  In line while the food was being rung up, my eyes started to water because I remembered something from 10 years ago. My son and I were at the register and he asked me for a $19.99 movie that I couldn’t afford because I had just bought food for the week.

Maybe you have always had a good life, but that’s not my story. That’s why I work so hard. I can’t imagine going back in time.  I work smart for the ones I love and you should do the same.  I don’t worry about what’s in my account, because this is priceless.  You don’t ever have to check to see if I’ve given up, this is what wakes me up.

Tishina Anderson
Double Platinum Senior Vice President

  • “You don’t ever have to check to see if I’ve given up, this is what wakes me up.” Thank you for sharing, and thank you for never giving up! You are a great example. One thing I love about 5LINX is that it gives everyone the same opportunity for massive success. No excuses, only hard work and focus!

  • Tierney Comas

    Powerful and inspiring! A story so relatable to so many like myself. Thank you for sharing how you kept pushing. I love that 5linx gives us all that open door..All we have to do is walk through it and push from there!! 🙂

  • Eric Sturdivant

    Wow that is powerful I know how it feels being that kid wanting something and my mom couldn’t afford it at the time I didn’t understand but now that I am a father when my kids ask for this I want to be able to do and get whatever they want. DPSVP you have inspired me and this is why I will never quit until I get what I cane for.

  • This is one of the very reasons i can’t stop, I know there is Greatness in this Business & there’s Greatness in me so I keep looking up! & going forward ..
    Jody Luv …. youtube jody luv building dreams ( smile )


  • A Michelle Jackson

    I am able to relate to Tishina from many viewpoints. I actually joined the business after reviewing so much information on her. I said that If she can do it, then I can do it. Thank you for NOT giving up!!!! When I feel defeated or discouraged, I think of all the successful people in the business and how that PUSH managed to change their lives…. I Can’t Stop; I Won’t Stop – All the way to the TOP!!

  • Shimah Wheatley

    Thank you for sharing your story DPSVP! Definitely powerful and I know it will inspire others to keep going and keep pushing for their children and families!! This opportunity that we have our hands on is a blessing! We need to keep on blessing as many people as possible!!!

  • charlie Abbott

    Outstanding… Thank You for sharing and inspiring!!!