hi5 transformation tiara

Meet Tiara Joseph, she recently joined the Hi5 Challenge and has experienced an amazing #myHi5transformation, all with the help of the 5LINX Wellness products!
Throughout her journey, she has been confronted with ‘non believers’, and here is her response to those who doubted her transformation.

“A lady made a comment to me this morning & said “you have those good genes.” But that’s not the case.  People are quick to judge a book by its cover, but what she didn’t know, was that just last month I was extremely depressed about my weight. I didn’t just wake up like this, I had to put in lots of hard work, dedication & persistence to get to where I am, today. I was frustrated and decided to actually do something about my weight & depression, instead of letting it continue to drag me down and control my life. I showed her my ‘before’ pictures, so she could see that our bodies are capable of any transformation, but it’s our minds that need convincing. We exchanged numbers & I promised to be her accountability partner as long as she doesn’t give up on herself. I’m now 6 weeks into my‪#‎Hi5Challenge‬ & I feel AMAZING, and you can too!”