What is the my5LINX app?

This mobile application, available to all Platinum Service users,
features all of the prospecting, acquisition and informational
needs for 5LINX representatives. With the my5LINX app, you
have access to information about the opportunity, products,
services, international training events and so much more right
in the palm of your hands. You can access my5LINX from any
smartphone or web-enabled device, giving you the ability to
build your business wherever opportunity strikes.


If you are not a Platinum Services user, you can sign up in
your Virtual Office under “Services”.


Features and Benefits

Business Oportunity

This section includes the Opportunity Video, Opportunity PowerPoint Presentation, Success Stories of the 5LINX leadership, a company overview, and access to quick signup of new representatives. Here, you can enroll new IMRs and Customer Representatives.


Product & Services

In the Product & Services section, you will find information on 5LINX many offerings, including a list of the appropriate websites to sign up new customers. Simply click on the ‘Sign Up!’ button and your RIN will be moved to the product web pages.


5LINX Sites

This section includes quick links to all of the essential sites, including your Virtual Office and Personal Websites, 5LINX.com, 5LINXEvents, 5LINX Connect and 5LINX University.



The Events section includes information about the local, regional, and international events. From here, you can quickly and easily register for the next International Event.



Easy access to several 5LINX approved presentations that will help you grow and sustain your business, including:
• Customer Acquisition
• Compensation
• Private Business Reception


More Features

As the my5LINX app evolves, more menus will be added. You can tap or click on any of these buttons to drill deeper into the menus to find more detailed information. Below these menu options, you will see links to the 5LINX social media outlets.



my5LINX Training

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To get started, make sure you have the my5LINX app saved to your home screen on whichever internet-enabled device you use. If using an Android device, you can install the my5LINX app directly from the Android Marketplace. On iOS devices, including the iPhone or iPad, visit my.5LINX.com and save the site to your phone or tablet. To do this, click on the “Add a Bookmark” icon and select, “Add to Home Screen.” The my5LINX app icon should appear on your Home Screen. When selected, this icon will bring you directly to the my5LINX app.

You will need to login to the my5LINX page using the same login information as your Virtual Office. Once that is complete, you will see your home screen.