High-Fiber Weight Loss Foods

According to a study at Brigham Young University, if you eat eight grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories you consume, you’ll lose two pounds a year. Try incorporating these high fiber foods into your diet, along with your 5LINX wellness products, to help stimulate weight loss.

  • Apples –  A medium apple, that’s about the size of a baseball, has four grams of fiber. Apples are rich in heart-healthy, cancer-fighting antioxidants, which also increase endurance and help your body use oxygen more efficiently.
  • Green beans – One cup has four grams of fiber, and one-third of your daily requirement of vitamin C.
  • Sweet potatoes –  The size of an orange has five grams of fiber, and just 103 calories. It also provides iron, magnesium, and vitamin A.
  • Raspberries –  There are eight grams of fiber in one cup
  • Chickpeas – Sprinkle half a cup of chickpeas on your salad for a total of six grams of fiber and less than 100 calories! You also get plenty of vitamin B6 and folate, both of which play a role in forming healthy new cell

Source: www.Tesh.com