my hi5 transformation curt anderson

It wasn’t like I just started working out yesterday. It wasn’t even as if this was my first time taking a supplement. But this was my first time seeing a quick impact in areas of my body I had been working on for years. “

Like many, 5LINX Diamond SVP Curt Anderson struggled with weight fluctuation all his life, to the point where his doctors told him he may eventually be diagnosed with diabetes. At this point, Anderson knew that SOMETHING needed to change. So, he made the commitment to make a change to started to live a healthier lifestyle.

“I decided to start using the Hi5 products because I wanted to see what the hype was about. I found that the products were in line with the goals I had already set out for myself, like burning fat and toning muscle.” 

Anderson decided to take a leap of faith, he added the Hi5 Products into his daily routine. Right away he began to feel healthier and started to see results, but like any weight-loss journey – it gets frustrating when you reach a plateau.

“The hardest part was about four weeks in. I felt I had followed the plan. Even though I had only dropped 15 pounds, I could really see a difference. Of course my clothes fit better and I felt lighter but when I looked in the mirror, things still looked the same. I called a friend who had recently competed in a body building competition. He told me that results would start to show five weeks after following a good workout and nutrition regimen and using the right supplements. Like clockwork, my abs started to peek through in week five.”

To get results like Curt, it takes time, commitment, consistency and motivation. What motivates you? What gives you that extra boost to hit the gym after an 8-hour work day? What keeps you committed on choosing a healthy meal over a drive-through meal? What pushes you to do an extra set of reps? Find your key motivating element, we like to call it your “WHY” and keep it top-of-mind when you’re feeling down. Let it push you to continue towards reaching your goals. It’s normal to occasionally fall off track, but don’t let that stop you. Take a moment to regroup and start back up as soon as possible. (If you need a little help, check out these 5 tips to help you get back into your routine!)

My motivation was my 5LINX team and everyone I knew who was battling obesity. I knew if I could get in shape, it could possibly inspire them to do the same.”

In everything you do in life, it’s important to remember to always LEAD BY EXAMPLE! 5LINX Co-Founder Jason Guck is known for saying, “You never want your kids to look past the front door to see their role model.” Curt understands what it takes to be a true leader and mentor to his team and he’s able to achieve that with the help of the Hi5 products. Committing to a healthy lifestyle not only helped him reach this health and fitness goals, but it also helped him to grow his 5LINX business!

Now my customer production is though the roof! It’s to a point where I’m giving away customers to my new partners to help them hit their bonuses faster. All this because I made a decision to use the Hi5 products to get in shape.” 

Lead by example, and the rest will follow! Become your greatest customer. If you’d like people to sign up for your 5LINX energy service, then switch your own energy service. If you want your customers to try you MontaVida coffee or tea, then start drinking MontaVida coffee and tea yourself. If you use and believe in the products and services, they will sell themselves!

“I challenge you to challenge yourself. Incorporate the Hi5 Products into your routine and work hard to become the best version of YOU! Good luck and I’ll see you at the gym!”

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