Your 5LINX Weekly High5 – 3.4.13

1.    5LINX Announces New Residential Energy Market Expansion in Ohio!

The 5LINX Energy program is announcing a new residential market expansion in Ohio through Direct Energy.  This is an exciting opportunity for 5LINX Representatives to be an integral part of this fast growing program.  Starting on March 4th, Ohio electric offers are will be available in the AEP-Columbus Southern and AEP-Ohio Power territories.  Don’t miss the chance to grow your business with 5LINX Energy, get certified today! Remember, you MUST be certified before you can sell 5LINX Energy! Visit your Virtual Office for more energy information.


2.    5LINX Launches “Rock The Runway” Contest!

Introducing the biggest thing to hit 5LINX Social Media, our Rock the Runway contest! Do you have what it takes to be in the 5LINX Fashion Show at the Anaheim International Event? We will show you how!

Here’s how to enter:
1. Send a photo of yourself wearing 5LINX merchandise to including your name and RIN#.

2. Our Rock the Runway judges will pick 10 finalists.

3. Those finalists will send us a video featuring their best model strut.

4. Our judges will determine who has what it takes to strut their stuff on the main stage!

5. The WINNER will model our new Diamond In the Rough apparel on the main stage during general session in the 5LINX fashion show in Anaheim!

Get ready, because this is the biggest contest to come to 5LINX and YOU will have the chance to be a celebrity at the 5LINX International event. Send us your entries TODAY and don’t forget to register for our International Event in Anaheim at Good luck!

Rock The Runway


3. Order Your 5LINX PowerPlay Today!

The 5LINX PowerPlay is the ultimate accessory for all your Bluetooth enabled devices and the 5LINX Velocity V2 tablet! This The PowerpPlay is a powerful and portable device that combines it all including a Hi-Fi speaker for streaming music, plus convenient hands-free calling and it will even recharge all your gadgets. 

Pump it up.

The 5LINX PowerPlay allows you to pump up the volume and share your music with or without wires. Don’t let the compact design fool you, the mini speakers capture the experience of being at a live musical performance and reproduces it right in the palm of your hand. Simply pair it up with any Blue Tooth enabled device and enjoy hours of rich Hi-Fidelity audio, streamed directly from your device. Listen to a ball game, stream music, watch a movie, play a game, walk the dog, do yard work, lay by the pool or just share your music with others…the possibilities are endless.

Talk it up.

While on conference calls or personal calls, in the car or on the go, anytime, anyplace, the 5LINX PowerPlay is your go-to device. Simply connect your 5LINX Velocity tablet or cell phone through the included audio cable and transform your device into a powerful, crystal clear, hands-free speakerphone.

Charge it up.

Need to charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android device, or 5LINX Velocity V2 Tablet, but can’t find an available outlet? No problem! The 5LINX PowerPlay allows you to connect and recharge all of your devices on the go. The built-in portable charger is ideal for travel and its streamlined design can fit in any pocket, bag or purse.

Earn a bonus on each PowerPlay order!

Direct your outside customers to order this amazing addition to the 5LINX product line through your Personal Website.  The PowerPlay sells at $149.95. Also earn one (1) qualifying point as well as a $15 bonus to you and a $15 bonus for your upline!

PowerPlays are available now. Don’t miss out on this must have accessory to all your mobile devices.


4. GLOBALINX Supports Long Distance Relationships!

GLOBALINX is now offering unlimited calling to any destination in the Philippines. Just upgrade your GLOBALINX Premium plan by visiting your GLOBALINX control panel and you’re ready to go.

GLOBALINX Phillippines


5. Wisdom from William

“The 5LINX Regional Events are happening all across the US on March 9th,.  On March 16th, we will be hosting two Regional Events in Canada, and one Spanish Regional Event in Miami!  We travel across the country so that you can get even more training, closer to your hometown! You can’t miss out on another opportunity to reach the next level of success for your business and your life.”

-William Faucette, Jr.

Vice President of North American Sales


5LINX Social Media Specialist

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