5LINX Co-Founder and CEO Craig Jerabeck got deeply personal during his speech in front of thousands at the 5LINX International Event in Orlando. Jerabeck described his rise from fledgling small business owner to CEO of 5LINX. Jerabeck, and his fellow Co-Founders Executive VP of Sales Jason Guck and Executive VP of Marketing Jeb Tyler took no salary for months as they built 5LINX brick by brick.

“Based on the struggles that I’ve been through, when we say representatives come first you can count on it!” says Jerabeck.

Guck believes work ethic and perseverance is key to every 5LINX Independent Marketing Representative’s success. Guck says each Independent Marketing Representative’s attitude defines their altitude in direct sales.

“The only way you can fail in 5LINX is to quit,” says Guck. “You either feed yourself doubts, or feed yourself dreams.”