Your Weekly High5: 10.29.12

1. NEW Trainings at the 5LINX Regional Events

Don’t be the last to know! Get yourself to the nearest Regionals Training Event on Saturday, Nov. 10.

See the new PowerPlay in action! The 5LINX product team has created a fun and informative video to demonstrate how you and your customers can benefit from owning the new 5LINX PowerPlay. Get ideas on how to market the product and find out how to pre-order for the holidays.

Learn the secret to attracting new business partners with Your Business at Home magazine – Top leaders across the country will teach a step-by-step process for marketing the 5LINX business opportunity to potential business partners. Find out how to get maximum exposure as well as a high rate of pull-through.

Check out to find a Regionals Training Event on November 10 near you!


2. Rochester Top 100 Announcement

5LINX is honored to receive the prestigious award for being #1 in the Rochester Top 100 companies for growth in 2012! During the awards lunch on November 1st, 5LINX President & CEO, Craig Jerabeck, will receive this honor in the company of our other two cofounders Jeb Tyler and Jason Guck along with numerous corporate employees.

We could not have made such a great accomplishment without all of you! Make sure to spread this great news to your friends, family and team. An honor like this deserves a lot of attention and we want to exhibit this ranking and show the rest of the world why we have made it so far! Thanks for all you do 5LINX, keep up the great work.


3. A New Look for Business Elite Services

If you haven’t signed into your Business Elite Services account recently then it is time for you to check us out again. We have recently updated the look with a more user-friendly feel.  If you are not currently a Business Elite subscriber now is the time to sign-up and check out what this amazing service has to offer. Business Elite is your Essential Business Toolkit.  Don’t miss out on our great features including Text Marketing, Computer Tech Support, Web Connect, Business Connections and a special VIP Discounts program.

How would you like to have ten times more customers seeing and responding to your special offers? With Business Elite Services from 5LINX, you can and will! Text Marketing allows you to communicate with your customers, but with the enhanced power and reach of text. Instead of one out of twelve people reading your message, as is the case with e-mail, you can have eleven people out of twelve read your message when sent as a text!

With the Business Elite’s Computer Tech Support feature we provide businesses with peace of mind when it comes to their computer and technology support needs. Enjoy a comprehensive suite of technology support services including: 24/7 toll free technical support, remote technical support, self-help support, and state of the art best practices assessments.

Web Connect allows you and your business to instantly share your desktop and ideas online with anyone, anywhere.  This invaluable tool can be used for team meetings, webinars, sales presentations, online training, tutoring, brainstorming and more.

The VIP discounts is better than having an entertainment book because you have no limits on the number of coupons you can use and are not restricted to your local community. The savings are unlimited and the product offers discounts in travel, recreation, dining and even grocery coupons to name just a few ways you can save. Your savings are endless, you can see a full map of the VIP discounts in NOLA by using your 5LINXevents mobile app. You can get this by visiting

Business Connections is Business Elite’s NEWEST feature and offers a resource area right at your fingertips. You can now access FREE software alternatives to Microsoft Office, FREE accounting services and FREE website builders programs.

You may be a small business, but you don’t have to appear that way. Sign up is simple. Visit your Personal Website and click on the Business Elite Service link.


4. Importance of Energy Program Compliance

There’s no denying how significant the Energy Industry is to the growth of 5LINX as a company. Becoming a renowned leader in this industry benefits the Company and its representatives alike.

Regrettably, the actions of some representatives have threatened this goal. Due to avoidable mistakes, several Representatives, of all earned positions, have lost their 5LINX businesses.

Please remember, it is absolutely imperative that you and your team members adhere to the rules and guidelines declared in the Energy Certification Training. We ask that each representative take the time to review these policies and retrain their downlines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in severe penalties, up to and including termination.

Building the reputation of the 5LINX Energy Program is vital to both the Company and your business.


5. Wisdom from William

“The 5LINX Regional Events are  just a few weeks away! If you’re not planning to attend these events, you are missing out on an extremely valuable opportunity to better yourself and your business, ensuring a smooth road to success. A large part of taking your business seriously is arming yourself with the newest and best training and the 5LINX Regional Training Events are the place to do it.”

-William Faucette, Jr.
VP North American Sales, 5LINX

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