Your Weekly High5: 11.12.12

1. 5LINX Regional Event Recap

With a record number of attendees last weekend in 17 locations across the country, 5LINX was in full swing at our biggest group of Regional Training Events yet! Our top leaders and the 5LINX cofounders travel to locations convenient to you so that you don’t miss out on fantastic and important trainings to help you advance in your business.

Throughout the day Saturday our social media pages were posting real-time coverage as our representatives were promoted to new positions within the company, new representatives joined the 5LINX family and groundbreaking promotions were announced! These events are integral to your success within 5LINX and you cannot miss out! Our next important event is the 5LINX International Training Event in New Orleans, January 9-12, 2013. Be sure to register and get your team ready for NOLA!

To see photos from our Regional Training Events this past weekend, visit our Facebook page!


2. 5LINX Energy Third Party Verification

5LINX Energy has implemented Third Party Verification (TPV) process as the final step in enrollment. This helps further protect your customers and also benefits the energy program by setting the highest standards in compliance. Please note that your customer’s enrollments will not be processed until the TPV call is complete.

How does the TPV process work?

If your customer is selected for TPV, they will see a message box in Step 6 of the enrollment process stating that they will be receiving an automated TPV call.

Within 5-10 minutes of enrollment, the customer will receive a call from 888.254.1022. Your customer will simply be asked a few questions to verify their enrollment

If your customer does not answer the TPV call after enrollment, they have the option to call back the toll-free number (888.254.1022) and they can validate the order.

Once the order has been successfully verified, the order will be submitted for processing.

If your customer has received the TPV call, the order in you back office will show as a ‘verifying’ status until your customer verifies their enrollment. Once your customer successfully validates their enrollment the status will then change to ‘verified’ and then your order will be submitted to the supplier for processing. Remember it is very important that your customers enter current and accurate information. This information your customers enter will be used as the point of contact.


3. Win a FREE Month of GLOBALINX Phone Service!

Simply answer 8 short questions and you’re in the running for a free month of GLOBALINX phone service.  Everyone that submits a completed survey by November 30, 2012 will be eligible.  We’ll draw ten names at random and give each a free month of service.  It’s that easy!  Give us 2 minutes and we’ll give you a month; only from your friends at GLOBALINX.


4. 5LINX & Habitat for Humanity

Owning your own home is an essential part of the American Dream. As you already know, 5LINX is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and live the lives that they deserve. One way we do this is through the peerless 5LINX compensation plan. Another way that we can is through our support to the Flower City Habitat for Humanity, and other charitable organizations.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-denominational Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard and poverty housing to people in need who are looking for a hand up, not a handout. As part of the program, volunteers from the community at large donate their time, talents, and resources to make the dream of owning your own home a reality for people who otherwise would be unable to do so by themselves. The future homeowner themselves donate 450 hours of their own time, half of which they work on their own home and half of which is spent helping to build other houses in their new neighborhood, and are then purchased with a zero interest, 30-year mortgage.

We at 5LINX are proud to have been able to have 25 corporate employees, including Cofounder Jason Guck, dedicate their time throughout October and November as well as a combined corporate donation of $1,500 towards this worthy cause. Whether it was pouring cement, putting up siding, digging holes or anything else they were asked to do, 5LINX volunteers were ready and eager to work on several homes alongside future owners and bring strength, responsibility, and stability to communities and neighborhoods.


5. Wisdom from William

“In 5LINX, we go through many areas of growth, but one that is most interesting is the transformation we make in the eyes of the “nonbelievers.”  These people, most of whom never get what they want, label us “crazy” when we start 5LINX.  Then, when our significant commitment and perseverance creates success, we become “lucky” to them.  But one of my first mentors in network marketing used to say there is no such thing as luck.  He said luck is simply what results when preparation meets opportunity.  However, don’t expect your doubters to understand.  Just make sure you work hard enough to one day be labeled “lucky” by them!” 

William Faucette, Jr.

VP North American Sales, 5LINX


Justin Arcara

Website Designer, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

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