Your 5LINX Weekly High5 – 2.11.13

1. Helpful Tips for Your 5LINX Business

Choose Your Words Carefully

There is always room to strengthen your 5LINX business, so it’s a great idea to make sure you understand what is or is not appropriate to say when recruiting potential business partners. Here are some guidelines to keep top of mind.


What you should not say:

·        You should not say anything that is inaccurate, deceptive, misleading, unethical, immoral, discourteous, disparaging, or false with regard to 5LINX, its products or services, the business opportunity, or other representatives.

·         You should not disclose your earnings or the earnings of other 5LINX reps or make income claims or earnings representations in an attempt to demonstrate to a potential business partner the inherent power of network marketing.

·         You should not say things that impose duress, promise enticements, or defame someone in order to obtain them as a new business partner.

·         You should not use words that demean, discredit, or defame other 5LINX representatives in an attempt to entice or coerce a representative in their organization to become part of your organization.

·         You should not state as fact anything with regard to the business opportunity that cannot be verified by corporate documentation.

·         You should not say anything that would lead someone to believe you are an official or corporate representative of 5LINX. When referring to your affiliation with 5LINX, you must say “5LINX Independent Marketing Representative.”

·         You should not attempt to respond directly to media inquiries regarding 5LINX, its products or services, or your independent 5LINX business. Instead, you must immediately refer all inquiries from any type of media to This policy assures that accurate and consistent information as well as a proper image are provided to the public.


What you can say:

·         You can and should inform people you are sponsoring about the 5LINX Policies and Procedures and the compensation plan and provide them with access to the most current versions before they sign a Representative Agreement.

·         You can use hypothetical income examples based solely on mathematical projections to explain how the Compensation Plan works, so long as you make it clear to the prospect that such earnings are hypothetical.

·         You can and should clearly state to potential business partners that they have the choice as to which 5LINX representative they enroll under.

·         As previously stated, when referring to your relationship with 5LINX, you must say “5LINX Independent Marketing Representative.”

When in doubt, check it out. Refer to Document 113 (5LINX Policies and Procedures) in the Virtual Office.



2. 5LINX Credit Card Processing Promotion!

How would you like to earn DOUBLE points, an upfront bonus AND residual income by selling a product every business needs? From 2/9-2/28/13 we have an amazing promo running! For each new merchant you sign up with 5LINX Credit Card Processing you will earn a total of four (4) points once they go active. Normally you would earn two (2) points when a customer signs up, then an additional point at six month of service and another point at twelve months of service. With this promo you have the potential to earn a total of eight points over the next year.

Now is the time to help businesses save money on their credit card merchant processing. It’s a complete win-win…

  • The merchant saves money and receives a $100 bonus!
  • A donation is made to the Susan G Komen Foundation or Make-A-Wish!
  • You earn up to a $200 upfront bonus, plus residual income on the transaction volume!


All you have to do is pique the business owners interest and then get them on the phone with our trained specialists.You will earn

  • $50 on your 1st sale
  • $100 on your 2nd sale
  • $150 on your 3rd sale
  • $200 on your 4th sale and on all sales after


5LINX Credit Card Processing saves money on your business’ credit card and debit processing with “Every Swipe Counts,” our exclusive credit card program with the lowest discount rate in the industry.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and Make-A-Wish®, you can now save money every time your business accepts a credit card payment while supporting the fight against breast cancer. Our exclusive “Every Swipe Counts” program offers the lowest debit and credit card processing rates in the entire industry. Signing up is free, and there are no hidden costs or fees.



3. GLOBALINX Supports Long Distance Relationships

GLOBALINX is now offering unlimited calling to any destination in the Philippines. Just upgrade your GLOBALINX Premium plan by visiting your GLOBALINX control panel and you’re ready to go.


4. BES VIP Discounts at Disney Land in Anaheim!

If you haven’t signed into your Business Elite Services account recently then it is time for you to check us out again. If you are not currently a Business Elite subscriber, now is the time to sign-up and check out what this essential business toolkit has to offer. Don’t miss out on our great features including Text Marketing, Computer Tech Support, Web Connect, Business Connections and a special VIP Discounts program.

During the International Event in Anaheim you will be able to get VIP Discounts at the Disney Land theme park! This is just one of the many great ways to help you save money and enhance your lifestyle with the 5LINX Business Opportunity. To see an updated map for all VIP Discounts that will be available in Anaheim, visit your 5LINXevents mobile app or click this link:

Here are some more reasons why VIP Discounts with Business Elite Services is the way to go:

This service is far better than having an entertainment book because you have no limits on the number of coupons you can use and are not restricted to your local community. The savings are unlimited and include discounts on travel, recreation, dining and even grocery coupons, just to name just a few. Your potential for saving is endless, you can see a full map of the VIP discounts in Anaheim by using your 5LINXevents mobile app. You can get this by visiting on any mobile device or find it in the Android market

How would you like to have ten times more customers seeing and responding to your special offers? With Business Elite Services from 5LINX, you can and will! Text Marketing allows you to communicate with your customers, but with the enhanced power and reach of text. One out of every twelve recipients reads messages received by email, but with text marketing 11 out of 12 recipients will have read your message!

With the Business Elite’s Computer Tech Support feature we provide businesses with peace of mind when it comes to their computer and technology support needs. Enjoy a comprehensive suite of technology support services including: 24/7 toll free technical support, remote technical support, self-help support, and state of the art best practices assessments.

Web Connect allows you and your business to instantly share your desktop and ideas online with anyone, anywhere.  This invaluable tool can be used for team meetings, webinars, sales presentations, online training, tutoring, brainstorming and more.

NEW to BES, the Business Connections feature offers a resource area right at your fingertips. You can now access FREE software alternatives to Microsoft Office, FREE accounting services and FREE website builders programs.

You may be a small business, but you don’t have to appear that way. Signing up is simple; Visit your Personal Website and click on the Business Elite Services link.



5. Words of Wisdom

“It’s been said that influence is simply the transfer of emotion from one person to another. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Not just about them, but about your own progress as well.  Let your passion for 5LINX shine through and watch your business take off!”

-William Faucette

5LINX VP of North American Sales

Justin Arcara

Website Designer, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

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