Your Weekly High5: 2.18.13

1. Anaheim Event Registrations Skyrocket! Register Today!

During the last few weeks 5LINX has seen a tremendous increase in Anaheim International Event registrations, proving that this event will be the biggest and most influential yet! If you are serious about your success then you need to attend every training event 5LINX provides you and register for the Anaheim International Event on the website today. When you accept the 5LINX Business Opportunity into your life, you also make a pledge to do everything you can to stay ahead of the curve and achieve success. Each training event is a stepping-stone to that success and is an experience that will change your life forever.

Get the chance to witness the best training in the MLM industry from top leaders within the company, guest speakers and even the 5LINX cofounders themselves. In addition, you will have the ultimate 5LINX networking opportunity and the chance to show any new prospective representatives why they should also experience this fantastic lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in taking care of our representatives first and during our events is where those efforts show the most! Attendees will have numerous opportunities to win HUGE prize giveaways, VIP trips, free event registrations, LIVE product announcements, releases, BES VIP discounts at Disneyland theme park and much more! You can only succeed by putting in the time and effort, so continue your journey to the top today by registering for the Anaheim International Event, May 29-June 1, 2013 at


2. 5LINX Energy: Maryland Markets Now Available!

The 5LINX Residential Energy Program has been a tremendous success with a high level of participation and the successful enrollment of thousands of customers in our current available markets. Through our partnership with Maryland Gas & Electric, Baltimore Gas & Electric is now offering gas, and Delmarva Power territories now offer electric.

Today the residential program includes 13 energy markets: NY, PA, MD, IL, OH, NJ, CT, IN, MA, MI, GA, TX and CA. This means you now have even more choices for plans and rates when selecting electricity and/or natural gas for your home. This is live and available now in the 5LINX Energy Enrollment Portal. In order to be part of this exciting opportunity, you must be energy certified. Visit your virtual office to sign up now!


3. Important Information about 5LINX Customer Acquisition

It has come to our attention the need to stress the importance of warm marketing customer acquisition. 5LINX is a network marketing company that is focused solely on relationship, or “warm marketing” techniques. Cold marketing is defined as any promotional activity that is geared toward unfamiliar individuals who have no personal, business, social or acquaintance relationship(s) with the promoter. 5LINX discourages Independent Representatives from engaging in any “cold marketing” techniques for purposes of customer acquisition at any time. The goal of all 5LINX representatives is to build relationships to maintain and grow a healthy personal customer base.

5LINX has been made aware of several representatives using external resources or means to obtain their customers. It has been discovered that some representatives have purchased customer information or lists. In some cases, individuals offering or selling customer leads or referrals have even targeted 5LINX representatives. Please be advised, the use of Cold Marketing techniques, such as purchasing customer leads or referrals, is in direct violation of the 5LINX Statement of Policies and Procedures. 5LINX strictly prohibits the purchase or sale of customers at any time.

Customers found under 5LINX representative accounts are ultimately considered the responsibility of that representative. 5LINX expects our representatives to have knowledge of, and an association with their customers. Should issues of any kind arise with these customers, 5LINX will call upon the representative for explanation. Please understand it is in the representative’s best interest to ensure warm market relationships with each of their customers. We encourage representatives to review their reports regularly to ensure the customers are familiar.

5LINX must emphasize the acquisition of loyal, warm market customers.  A representative’s customers are directly related to their success in the 5LINX Business. Buying or enrolling customer’s solely for the purpose of a bonus is not only a violation of the 5LINX® Statement of Policies and Procedures but also threatens to damage the 5LINX Opportunity for everyone.


4. Get the Latest in 5LINX Technology for Your Business

If you haven’t heard yet, 5LINX now offers two must-have electronic devices that every profitable representative needs to benefit their business and also assist them in their personal life. The 5LINX VelocityTM V2 and 5LINX PowerPlayTM.

The 5LINX VelocityTM V2 Tablet will help you expand your business and at the same time you will be able to stay connected through social media, email and the GLOBALINX Mobile Video App (GMV). Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your business while out meeting with new potential customers. Stop lugging around that bulky laptop case and instead grab a 5LINX Velocity V2 tablet, with its slick new keyboard case.

You will be able to enjoy the same feel while surfing the net or connecting to your virtual office through the my5LINX app. Don’t forget, the Velocity is not just for work, it is a must have for your personal entertainment as well. Read a good book, catch an episode of your favorite TV show or play a round of Words With Friends. There is no limit to all the things you can use your new 5LINX Velocity V2 Tablet for. The 5LINX Velocity is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled!

Don’t just take our word for it. Senior Vice President, Mark Beamon loves his new Velocity V2, “Thank you for the effort you put into the 2nd Generation of the Velocity tablet, it even looks like a mini iPad! The V2 performance is impressive and the out of box experience was very nice. I loaded Netflix on it, ran a movie and connected it to our TV; the V2 never hiccupped once.”

But we didn’t stop with the Velocity tablet. 5LINX has brought you a device that is beyond anything currently offered in the marketplace. The 5LINX PowerPlay is the ultimate accessory for all your Bluetooth enabled devices, including the 5LINX Velocity V2 tablet! This is a powerful and portable device that combines a Hi-Fi speaker for streaming music, convenient hands-free calling and even acts as a portable charger for all of your gadgets.


Pump it Up!

Don’t let the compact design fool you, the mini speakers capture the experience of being at a live musical performance and reproduces it right in the palm of your hand.

Talk it Up!

Simply connect your 5LINX Velocity tablet or cell phone through the included audio cable and transform your device into a powerful, crystal clear, hands-free speakerphone.

Charge it Up!


Never worry again about your electronic devices dying on you when you are out. Perfect for on the go use.

Haven’t ordered yours yet? It’s not too late! The new 5LINX Velocity V2 is priced at only $239.99, plus you will receive one (1) qualifying point as well as a $10 bonus paid to the selling rep and an additional $10 bonus distributed up-line. The PowerPlay sells for $149.95 plus you earn one (1) qualifying point as well as a $15 bonus to you and a $15 bonus for your up-line!

Don’t forget to protect your 5LINX Velocity V2 purchase with our special Equipment Replacement Program at only $4.95 a month or upgrade to our ERP plus tech support for $59.95 annually.

Now selling the Velocity V2 and PowerPlay is even more lucrative than ever before. To order your new tablet and PowerPlay today, please go to your Personal Website.


5. Wisdom from William

“Now is the time to take advantage of every resource 5LINX provides you to help skyrocket your success. One important resource to help establish your legitimacy online is 5LINX Social Media. Signing up for a LinkedIn account and creating a detailed professional profile sets a strong platform for your online reputation. Be sure to communicate clearly, concisely and professionally- this will have a sustainable impact on you and your business.”

-William Faucette, Jr.

Vice President of North American Sales

Justin Arcara

Website Designer, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

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