Your 5LINX Weekly High5 – 2.25.13

1.    Driving Growth with New Hispanic Market Leadership!

With the rapid growth of the over two million Hispanic owned businesses in the US, 5LINX® is committed to expand its representative base in this market and recently hired two new leaders in the direct sales industry to help achieve this goal. Both located in Tampa, Fl., Al Ayala and Julio Aquino joined 5LINX in February and will be working with Anselmo Rodriquez in the field to build your teams. All three of our Hispanic Market Leaders are available to work with you directly, so text ‘Julio Aquino’ or ‘Al Ayala’ to 55469 for their personal contact information!

In addition, on March 16 in Miami, there will be a Spanish speaking regional training event! Visit for information about the location. Read on to learn more about Al and Julio as we welcome them to the team!

Julio Aquino


Julio Aquino has been in the direct selling industry for over 12 years, and has extensive experience in sales, direct marketing, Internet marketing and network marketing. A seasoned and dynamic motivational speaker and trainer, his expertise in building direct sales organizations is recognized nationally and internationally. Aquino is an energetic leader with a passion for team building, personal and business development who has made it his goal to help 5LINX achieve becoming a billion dollar company.





Al Ayala

Mr. Ayala has had over 17 years of experience and success in network marketing and has been a part of an elite Fortune 500 Company. He has served his community for over eight years as a NYC Police Officer and then became very passionate about the opportunity to help people by sharing his knowledge of business building. As a motivational speaker and personal success coach to thousands of representatives, he will now be working with 5LINX as a Director of Hispanic Development to expand the immense Hispanic market and assist the company’s goal of becoming a billion dollar company! Ayala has never been more excited to work with a world-class organization and impart his over 17 years of sales expertise to such a dynamic team. Mr. Ayala resides in Tampa, Fl. with his son Marcus.


Keep your eyes out for even more great news about the ever-expanding Hispanic market within 5LINX!


2.    The my5LINX Mobile App – Your Key to Mobile Success

You never know when or where you will meet your next 5LINX customer or business partner. In our fast-paced world, if you can’t provide someone with what they want when they want it, they will find someone else who can. Don’t have a computer with you? Not a problem anymore! Now, you can run your 5LINX business directly from your smartphone or tablet with our exclusive my5LINX app.

Once you download this free app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or by visiting on your mobile device, you can quickly access information about the business opportunity, products and services, 5LINX corporate websites, regional and International Events, elect trainings from the 5LINX University and even sign up a representative, right in the app!

You can also use the my5LINX app to purchase and register your tickets for a 5LINX International Event and even to sign up a new representative! This app is truly everything that you, a potential customer or business associate needs to know about 5LINX and the business opportunity. As an added bonus, every 5LINX Velocity V2 tablet comes preloaded with the my5LINX app making the Velocity indispensable when you run your business on the go.

Don’t miss out on this amazing business-building tool. The my5LINX App is available for free to all 5LINX representatives as part of their subscription to Platinum Services. If you are not a Platinum Services subscriber, sign up now by signing up in your Virtual Office. 


3. Expand Your Market with 5LINX TextAlertz!

Text marketing is a powerful way for a business to increase sales by giving them the ability to reach their customers faster and more easily. 5LINX representatives can now show businesses how to reach their customers with the touch of a button by harnessing the power of text marketing (also known as SMS Marketing or Mobile Marketing). TextAlertz® makes using this technology easy, affordable and accessible! This type of service is in high demand and TextAlertz empowers you to earn tremendous residual commissions every month but also enables your customers to communicate like never before.

Why TextAlertz?

·         It’s Easy – you can be up and running in 10 minutes

·         It’s Effective – 97% of text messages are opened and read

·         It’s Fast – reach your entire base instantly with the touch of button

·         It’s Affordable – your own on-demand communication system for just $2/day

·         Virtually every adult has a phone within three feet of them 24 hours/day

·         It’s something your customers want!


Simply start with asking: “How do you currently keep in contact with all of your customers?” Often, the merchant could use a better answer to this question. That’s when you simply ask them to pull out their mobile phones and text a specific sample keyword to the short code 55469 (555444 in Canada) to see for themselves how our service can help them promote their business.

TextAlertz is more than just text marketing. It is a complete mobile marketing solution, offering additional features that are useful to any business for both enticing and retaining customers, all at no added charge!

These features include:

  • Mobile Website and App Builders
  • QR Code Generator
  • Social Media Posting

Another great text marketing service we offer is ChurchAlertz. This is a very unique spin-off of TextAlertz that is designed to specifically appeal to faith-based organizations of all types. It is the exact same product as TextAlertz, but the site is designed to address the needs of a church organization. This customization makes it easier for you to sign up customers in this important market. Does your church need help collecting donations and tithes? Now they can receive donations via their ChurchAlertz or TextAlertz account. This service is a brand new offering solution for churches and non-profit organizations that will help them offer its members a simple way to give optional donations from their mobile device.

Features include:

  • Free Customized Mobile Website
  • Easy Navigation
  • Built-in DONATE Page
  • Fast, Secure Transactions


Direct your customers to call 855-4-ALERTZ (M-F 9-6pm EDT) to add this feature to their account. To see an example of the app text CHURCH to 55469 or view the main stage training at the New Orleans International event at


4. Join the ND All Stars in Vegas this July!

The 5LINX ND All-Star trip is coming up fast! Here at 5LINX we strive to support your climb to the top and have provided an excellent incentive for our National Directors who are 5LINX All-Stars! This year on July 8-10 we will be taking our ND All-Stars on a trip to Las Vegas!

Not an All-Star yet? Here’s what you need to know to become part of this elite team:

You must be an ND or above that qualifies for our ND All-Star team by one of two ways for a one-year period. (May through April)

-Acquire 30 Open-Line ND IMRs for six (6) out of the 12-month period.


-Your total Open-Line ND IMR count must be at least 300 for the entire
12-month period.

April 2013 is the last month that you have to qualify for this year’s trip! To see your current eligibility towards ND All Star status, log into your Virtual Office and see your “ND All Star” report.  See you at the top in Las Vegas!


5. Wisdom from William

“The transfer of knowledge is one of the most important keys to success within this business. We must provide you with information from the corporate office, you share that knowledge with your teams and downlines and that knowledge is transferred to potential new representatives. Without this transfer of knowledge, the cycle does not complete. Be sure you’re training and sharing everything you can with your teams to help everyone have the most success they possibly can with 5LINX.”

-William Faucette, Jr.

Vice President of North American Sales

Justin Arcara

Website Designer, Graphic Designer & Front End Developer

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