How to Motivate Your Downline

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Business

So, you might be asking yourself, “How do I motivate my downline?” This is a very common question that comes up a lot during the Direct Sales industry’s ‘down-time’, usually between November and January. Let’s take a step back on what this question truly means. If you’re asking “how do I motivate my downline?” you’re really looking to find out “what can I do to get them to produce more?”

Trying to get your downline to produce more requires confidence, encouragement and discipline – and not just on their part! As their leader, you really need to do two things to increase production:

1. Make your team effective at what they do

2. Make it in their best interest to do so


Effective Direct Sales Training is KEY

In order to get your downline to produce more, you must train them to do so. You may train your team every Sunday on your weekly call – but that isn’t enough. The test of effective training is not how often you conduct the training, it’s whether or the student can master it!

How & What to Train On

Here are a couple of key topics you should include during your downline training:

  • How to establish goals
  • How and what to know to be effective
  • How to promote the opportunity properly
  • What to say to people when they make phone calls
  • How to set appointments
  • How to sell your business and products
  • How to train new business partners

In order to get your downline to produce more, you need to get them to be effective in EACH OF THESE AREAS. Once they can effectively master each of these topics, they will be motivated to continue and produce. In other words, they WILL produce because they are equipped with the knowledge of how to do so.

Most of you reading this are new to the business and direct sales. With that said, you will soon learn that the direct sales business is simply trial and error. Be sure to write down all your trial and error efforts. For example, if you decide to focus on contacting your leads by phone, keep track of what worked and what didn’t! Keep a log of what you said, how they responded, whether you closed the deal or not and so on. This will help you to look back to see any patterns, so that you can spend time doing what works.

Other Tips to Get Your Downline to Produce

These are other keys to success in getting your downline to produce…and they’re all about YOU, the leader.

  • Ethical Behavior: People will not follow (or produce for) someone who is unethical or dishonest.
  • Boldness: Peeople will follow boldness because they like following in the footsteps of a bold leader. What does it take to be bold?
    • Be productive yourself
    • Let your team see you face your fears
    • Let them see you make phone calls
    • Let them see you do presentations
    • Let them see you standing there waiting for your guests to arrive
  • Be interested in them:
    • Show your team that you are truly interested in their goals. Do this by asking them regularly about goals, writing them down and putting them somewhere you can see them (your desk or refrigerator). Follow up often about their progress.
  • Be the source of information:
    • Always be up-to-date on the latest information. This means you have to make it your priority to stay connected with 5LINX’s source of information.
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Happy Producing!



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