This winter has been one of the harshest in history. Just about every news outlet in the US reported on (what the weather experts called) the “Polar Vortex.” The Polar Vortex was responsible for bringing extended periods of bitterly cold temperatures to the Midwest, South and East.

Supply and Demand

The colder it is, the more electricity and natural gas we use. In fact, consumption levels were at an all-time high creating record demand. Most customers wondered what would happen to their utility bills. How bad it gets depends on where they live and whether they have locked-in pricing for their electricity and natural gas supply. Some consumers who were on variable priced plans experienced utility bills that were up to four times higher than usual in affected regions!

What is the Answer?

With fixed rate plans, you pay the same rate every month, regardless of market prices. By choosing a fixed rate plan you avoid the risk of high spikes due to weather and market conditions. You’ll have peace-of-mind, even in the worst of winters.

How is 5LINX Helping Customers?

5LINX has partnered with US Gas & Electric (USG&E) to provide the most competitive plans in the marketplace. USG&E is a leading provider of natural gas and electricity to residential and small commercial customers in a growing number of states. Through our partnership, 5LINX offers many fixed rate incentives. USG&E also offers great incentive programs for their customers like the reward program for residential customers who enroll through 5LINX. Customers receive a $50 monthly gift certificate as long as they remain with USG&E. With the right information, the power to choose how to buy electricity and natural gas can be a really empowering thing for all energy consumers.

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