New ACH Offering from 5LINX!

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Business, General

You asked, we answered. We’re excited to announce the launch of a new ACH payment option at 5LINX!

What is ACH?

ACH is an electronic system that allows money to be transferred directly from one bank account to another through an Automated Clearing House, or ACH Network. Each month, your commissions can be automatically delivered directly to your bank account!

*Please Note: If you have an existing Daily Dimes card and wish to continue being paid through this card, you can continue to do so and do not need to take any action at this time. 

How Do I Enroll?

  1. Log into your Virtual Office
  2. Click “My Office” on the left side navigation
  3. Click “My Info” on the left side navigation
  4. Enter your Account Number, Routing Number, name on the account and the type of account.
  5. Click “Submit”
  6. Wait for the Verification process to complete and you’re all set!





Not interested in ACH?

If you don’t have a bank account or want to keep your commissions separate from your other source of income, we recommend that you sign up for a Pre-Paid Debit Card. Each month, your commissions will be “loaded” onto the card for you to use. With so many Pre-Paid Debit Card choices, 5LINX recommends the CHIME Pre-Paid Visa Debit Card.


The CHIME Pre-Paid Visa Debit Card has NO Monthly Fees, NO Hidden Fees, and a $0 Required Minimum Balance. Additional features include NO Foreign transaction fees, NO Transfer Fees, and Over 32,000 fee-free MoneyPass®  ATMs, plus 30,000+ cash-back locations. The Chime Visa Debit Card is equipped with EMV chip protection and can be used everywhere that VISA cards are accepted.

The CHIME card makes it easy for you to keep tabs on your money through daily balance notifications and transaction alerts anytime you use your card. To get started, or to find more information visit:




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