5LINX Releases OXZGEN CBD Coffee & CBD Teas!

by | Mar 31, 2019 | Events, General

Start fresh every day with OXZGEN CBD Coffee and Teas!

OXZGEN is proud to announce its newest additions to the already successful like of CBD products: CBD Coffee and Teas!

The OXZGEN CBD coffees are roasted with a signature blend of Colombian and Costa Rican beans that are infused with MCT (medium chain tryglyceride) oil and Ramón seeds. After the roasting process is complete, our THC-FREE Hemp Derived CBD is added. Loaded with nutritional benefits; this signature combination creates a great tasting cup of joe and is perfect for any occasion. OXZGEN CBD Coffee comes in three popular flavors; Colombian, French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

OXZGEN CBD teas are also infused with our signature blend of MCT oil and Ramón seeds, along with our healthy THC-FREE Hemp Derived CBD to provide you with a soothing cup of tea. We are happy to introduce the following flavors; Green Tea, Passion Fruit Tea, Sleepy Tea, and Hemp Tea.

If you’re looking to jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle, try our OXZGEN “Go Baby!” Healthy Cleanse CBD Tea. It contains our signature blend of MCT oil, Ramón seeds and THC-FREE Hemp Derived CBD. This tea also includes a special proprietary blend of ingredients to help you reduce weight, eliminate bloat, and cleanse your digestive system.


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