OXZGEN Launches Nano CBD Tincture Spray with Revolutionary Technology!

by | Feb 21, 2020 | In the News, OXZGEN, Products & Services

Rapidly-growing  CBD brand, OXZGEN, is expanding its line of products, bringing a revolutionary technology to the CBD industry.

The new OXZGEN Nano CBD Tincture Spray utilizes ground-breaking nanotechnology to deliver five to ten times the absorption of regular CBD tincture products. This is cutting-edge technology that until now has not been available to the general public. Now, consumers can experience the powerfully enhanced effect of CBD with OXZGEN’s state-of-the-art patented triple-emulsified process.

This new process gives the end user a chance to feel the difference of CBD right away. With an easy-to-use delivery method, the product can be sprayed directly into the mouth OR mixed in a glass of water. It’s the simplest, most powerful way to enjoy the benefits of CBD immediately.

So how does Nanotechnology work to deliver a dramatically higher absorption?

The CBD in OXZGEN Nano has been broken down into microscopic droplets of about 25 nanometers through the patented triple-emulsion diamond mesh pressure process. This technique changes the entire molecular makeup of the CBD, allowing absorption directly into blood cells, and dramatically improves the both the effects and speed of results.

OXZGEN Nano CBD Tincture Spray boosts the Endocannabinoid System, which helps modulate important functions in our body. It enhances the immune system, reduces stress and tension, helps maintain joint flexibility, and promotes an overall healthier body.

Download this helpful informational sheet for even more OXZGEN Nano CBD Tincture Spray information.

For more information about the potential health benefits of hemp-derived CBD, visit why.oxzgen.com.



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