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5LINX offers a unique opportunity to individuals from all walks of life. Some of our most successful representatives have worked in the upper echelon of corporate America, while others have come from homelessness in finding their calling with 5LINX. Featured below are the stories of our 5LINX Advisory Council members who have achieved incredible success with the company.

5LINX has allowed us to secure our retirement and given us time to spend together and with our children. Working from home, being able to enjoy each other, and watch our children grow has been the biggest blessing.”


Curt & Tishina Anderson

Diamond Senior Vice Presidents

5LINX has helped me develop important skills from a young age that I’ve applied in my everyday life. This business has taught me to become an entrepreneur at heart.”


Crystal Cadiz

Platinum Senior Vice President

5LINX has allowed me to focus on building a business network from home and spend more time with my family, without money being an issue. This opportunity is allowing me to help others change their lives and leave behind generational wealth.”


Robenson Cezil

Platinum Senior Vice President

As a retired school principal (Sherman) and a retired school teacher (Ann), we have found that through 5LINX, we are able to continue to educate the populace and make a positive difference – now on improving their health and the importance of business ownership.”


Sherman & Ann Chambers

Platinum Senior Vice President's

By building our business with 5LINX, we were able to discover our ‘why.’ We have been able to give back to orphans in Africa, and hope to make this a part of our legacy.”


Ian & Stella Chebe

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

5LINX has given our family the treasure of the American dream. A true vehicle with residual income that has put us in position to build a legacy while also having the time freedom to raise our children without ever missing a precious moment."


Kwame Gibson & Kamilla Collier-Mullin

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

5LINX has helped us realize that every moment is a teaching and learning opportunity, and we hope to leave a legacy defined by our role in inspiring, helping, teaching and improving the lives of others.”


Jerome & Leigh Crutch

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

We have been able ensure that our family will always be provided for while being able to focus on our ministry without having to worry about finances.”


Kenneth & Adrien Crutch

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

5LINX has allowed me to live full-time and work part-time, never missing the precious moments raising my children. I hope to leave a legacy of residual income for them and empower my team members to do the same. ”


Tupac Derenoncourt

Diamond Senior Vice President

5LINX has allowed us to chase down the American Dream, to spend quality time with family and friends while being able to meet financial obligations.”


Thomas & Melodie Felder

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

I've been blessed to have grown a part-time income into a full-time income stream, and spend time with my mother and provide a greater quality of life for her. I now live full-time and work part-time, and everyday feels like a Friday.”


Darryl Huckaby

Platinum Senior Vice President

Because of this business, we are able to create a new generation of entrepreneurs. Chimi has been able to leave her career in education to fulfill her purpose through her consulting business and volunteering with women’s organizations.”


Kirk & Chimi Keyes

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

We want to leave a business that brings financial freedom to our family, business partners, and scores of others who choose to join us. 5LINX is the perfect complement to our entrepreneurial lifestyle.”


Steve & Lucille Merrit

Platinum Senior Vice Presidents

5LINX has forced me to dig deep as a person in order to lead others, while it has pushed my hidden talents to the surface. I aspire to leave my family and as many other financially stable through this incredible opportunity."


Jovens Moncoeur

Platinum Senior Vice President

Because of 5LINX, I have the freedom to focus on my ministry and help people all over the country. I’m able to be actively involved in the lives of my children and grandchildren on a daily basis.”


Ron Williams

Platinum Senior Vice President


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