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by | Aug 20, 2019 | Products & Services

Telemedicine, an emerging concept in digital health, is enabling healthcare providers to conveniently and remotely diagnose and offer treatments to their ever growing list of patients. The Telehealth service was initially designed to serve patients in remote areas but has since swept the nation by storm.

The drive behind the increasing number of users who engage in telemedicine options come from the value it has to offer. Patients no longer have to wait in line, take time off of work, schedule appointments, etc. This allows patients to get in touch with healthcare providers much quicker and of course, paying far less.

With telehealth now becoming a key part of the US Healthcare infrastructure, experts are predicting that the market will reach more than $130 billion by 2025. Looking to be a part of the savings? Join the latest movement in convenient healthcare Рsign up for 5LINX TeleMed today!

Source: Health Care Weekly



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