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That’s why we’re making an amazing offer to re-launch your 5LINX business. For a limited time, you can re-activate your expired 5LINX position simply by purchasing a very special bundle of OXZGEN CBD products.

For just $99.95 you will receive thirteen (13) of our most popular OXZGEN products, with a resale value of $239.85 (sell them if you want for an immediate profit!). Plus, if that weren’t good enough, we will waive the usual $99 re-activation fee and activate your 5LINX position!

You will immediately become an active 5LINX representative and even receive 4 points!! Just click the button below to receive the following Incredible OXZGEN CBD products and FREE reactivation:

  • (5) Intense Relief Rub Trial Size Sachets
  • (5) 3XTREME Pain Cream Trial Sachets
  • PDQ Topical Pain Relief Trial Size Spray
  • Sleep Support Spray
  • Weight Wise Spray 

Also, in case you haven’t heard, we have an amazing, newly-enhanced compensation plan. As part of this new plan, we now pay a $100 Earned Position Bonus for reaching Executive Trainer. There is NO deadline for this bonus, so no matter when you originally started, you can now earn this $100 bonus as soon as you reach ET! You’ll be immediately eligible with this offer, so click below…


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