Confessions of a Double Platinum: Curt Anderson

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Stories

DPSVP Curt AndersonI’ve been fired twice, laid off once, lost a million dollar a year business and found myself evicted from my apartment. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, one of my favorite relatives passed away. That point in my life was called “Rock Bottom”. But I was never mentally defeated. I always believed that God had a plan for me and that any suffering I went through was part of his plan. So I dusted myself off, got a job, found a place to live AND THEN had the COURAGE to invest into another business. This business has taught me lessons I never could have learned in Corporate America or as an entrepreneur. My life is the complete opposite of rock bottom. Dream after dream has come true. My income is higher than ever. I married the woman of my dreams. We’ve traveled the world together. This business is called 5LINX. So now I show as many people how to set up their own 5LINX business and live a better life. All you need is courage, ambition and SELF BELIEF. 

The Dream Is Real,
Curt Anderson
Double Platinum Senior Vice President



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